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Bruce Springsteen was homeless until he played this song...

Before he was "The Boss"... Bruce Springsteen was homeless.

That was until his manager Mike Appel bailed up record producer John Hammond (who signed the likes of Buddy Holly and Bob Dylan) on May 2, 1972.

Springsteen recalls the moment the three of them were sitting in Hammond's office.

"I looked across this tiny little room, I was telling myself I have nothing to lose"

"John Hammond is there, grey suit, flat top, tie, feet up on the desk... and he says play me something... so I did"

Springsteen busted out the guitar and began singing 'It's Hard to be a Saint in the City'

Hammond later spoke of Springteen's ability saying "he’s one of the greatest talents I’ve ever come across."

"Whether we’re going to get it on wax or not I don’t know. That’s how old-fashioned I am–I still say wax instead of tape."

The rest is history.

Hear the full interview with Howard Stern below.


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