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EXCLUSIVE: Kisschasy are officially BACK!

Kisschasy aren't just reuniting for a one-off run of shows at The Good Things Festival later this year... they're bringing back the lovers music in the new year!

Speaking from his LA home, singer Darren Cordeux exclusively revealed to The Street Press Podcast that the band is planning on playing MORE shows in 2023...

"There are talks of more Kisschasy shows, that's the first time that I've said that out loud..." Cordeux said.

"It's something [playing more shows] that is very much still on the cards and something we're looking at for next year, so I'm really excited about that"

"I'm also excited about coming home to Australia - the place that sculpted me as an artist"

Although, the singer-songwriter claims he still has unfinished business in the United States, a place he has called home since the band split up in 2015.

"I don't think I'm quite done with LA just yet... it's so big, so vast, there's so much going on... if you're here for long enough and dig deep, you can find whatever you're looking for"

"I feel like not every city can say that."

Kisschasy are playing The Good Things Festival in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in December.

You can get your tickets here.


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