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Macron Music Erina Closing Down

It's the end of an era for Macron Music in Erina.

After 44 years serving musicians of the Central Coast, the much loved music store will close its doors one final time.

A statement by owner Anthony Ursino reads:

"It is with great difficulty that I must announce that we have had to make the decision to close the NSW store in Erina. The last two years have been the most tumultuous to try to do business in and with the rise of inflation and operating costs we have no choice other than to streamline back to one location.

The Victorian store was purchased in 2019 with the intention of growing a foot-hold in more of the market which has been successful but unfortunately, it’s been at the result of diluting the NSW stores physical stock holding and therefore its sales ability.

Macron Music started on the Central Coast in 1978 as an Organ Retailer and has seen many different approaches and we have tried many different ideas and we need to thank every single person that contributed to that store’s success over the years. The nature of retail these days is hugely reliant on e-commerce and that is a part of the business that continually grows and thrives each year, it just really is unfortunate that we cannot continue to offer this same experience in a physical sense in NSW.

The store in Victoria will become our sole location and single focus from here on in as well as our e-commerce offering, where we can assist anyone, anywhere in the country.

Whilst this decision has been made with an extremely heavy heart the positive in it is that the brand can continue existing, and we can continue to do what we love, which is sell Musical Instruments to Musicians, at Australia's best prices.

We want to thank all the staff who have worked in that business over the years, the loyal schools and institutions we supply and the awesome customers we have met along the way. We would love to be able to continue to serve you in some way.

Please understand this is a decision that has not been arrived at lightly but one that is entirely necessary to protect the future of the business.

We do not have an official closure date set as yet but the closure will take place quite quickly, we will update this as more details are confirmed.

All gift vouchers at laybys will remain in place and will be able to paid off and redeemed online , laybys will be allowed to remain in place as long as they are in terms and if the goods cannot be collected before the stock is moved down to Victoria we will ship the goods to the customers free of charge when the laybys are paid out.

Once again, thank you for your support and we look forward to assisting you in the future."


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