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Rick Rubin Fell Asleep While His House Was On Fire

When Rick Rubin's house caught fire he rolled over and went back to sleep.

It was a move that nearly cost the music producer (Chili Peppers/Jay Z/Black Sabbath) his life.

"We were asleep on the second floor, my wife wakes up in the middle of the night and screams "fire"

"She grabbed my five year old son and ran out of the room"

"I assumed it was a small fire in the kitchen and that she was going to put it out"

Rubin told the incredible story on the Joe Rogan Podcast, saying he was woken moments later as the screams continued outside their Texas mansion.

"My wife is screaming for help from outside which wakes me up again"

"I go to the window in the next room to tell her to stop screaming but she says "the whole house is on fire... JUMP"

She was right, the two storey historic building that the couple had only bought a year ago was entirely engulfed in flames.

"I'm 15 feet up and there is a brick floor below, I'm not going to jump... "

"I go back in the house and I'm met with black smoke so I go down on my hands and knees and start scampering towards the stairs... but I was bumping into walls"

"I'm getting lightheaded, I have no idea where I am in the house and I can't find the stairs"

Losing consciousness and starting to fade, the author says he had one strange thought on his mind.

"I knew that my family was safe outside... but I was also thinking "I'm so happy the book's done."

"At least the book is going to live on"

Still scampering around on all fours, Rubin found a window.

"I open a window, push out the screen and by now my neighbours are yelling at me "JUMP JUMP JUMP"

"It's gonna hurt but you'll LIVE"

"When you go from not being able to breathe to being able to breathe, the world is a good place"

Rubin takes their advice, climbing out of the window, hanging onto a tree and making his way down a ladder to safety.

"In the space of three minutes I watched this one hundred year old two storey house completely burn to the ground, flames higher than the trees, it was insane."

"I would say I was one minute away from dying"


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