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Scene Queen Releases Empowering New Track "Pink Push Up Bra"

Scene Queen, the iconic pink-clad metalcore artist, has made a triumphant return with her latest track, "Pink Push Up Bra."

The song, released via Hopeless Records, showcases her unapologetic and bold style, addressing issues like sexual abuse and the male gaze within the music industry.

"Pink Push Up Bra" follows her viral hit "18+" and reinforces her commitment to challenging the status quo in the male-dominated world of metal music.

In her own words, Scene Queen shares her inspiration behind the track: "I wanted a song about finally getting the justice you deserve because I realize that doesn't happen for a lot of women.

I was having a not-so-great day that ended up turning into one of my new favorite songs. The idea for the song actually came to me in the shower as I was getting ready for the studio session because I was feeling very triggered that day.

I was an hour late to the session because of it, but knew it would be a quick write. The whole song top to bottom took about 2.5 hours total to write and record.

It's probably my most rage-filled song and one of my heaviest. I hope anyone that relates gets the justice they deserve or at least can use it as an outlet for all the complex emotions that go along with the trauma of assault."

Scene Queen, also known as Hannah Collins, is an artist who refuses to stay silent. Her lyrics take a stand against misogyny and challenge genre stereotypes.

You can listen to "Pink Push Up Bra" and watch the accompanying video below.


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